70th Anniversary Book: A Commemorative History & Portfolio of Associated Artists

Cape Cod Art Center’s 70th Anniversary Book

At 70: Still Learning, Still Creating

Cape Cod Art Center 1948-2018 – A Commemorative History & Portfolio of Associated Artists

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Today, there are about 25,000 artists on Cape Cod who need to exhibit, teach, and learn. This population helps Cape Cod Art Center fulfill our mission as an art education and exhibiting organization. We are the largest art educator on Cape Cod. We teach night, day and weekends, seven days a week for 12 months a year. Cape Cod Art Center outreach extends across the Cape and to all age groups. Our exhibits draw entries from as far away as New Zealand and almost every state. Our online exhibits cover the world. Art education at Cape Cod Art Center influences careers and gives opportunities to artists to advance themselves.

Learn about our history, then prepare yourself for the ride to our future.