SoulCollage Workshop w/ Debbi Kent

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SoulCollage Workshop w/ Debbi Kent

Do you ever wonder why you are drawn to certain images as you browse through a magazine? They are touching some aspect in your life, whether it is apparent or hidden, asking you to pay attention. SoulCollage® is a fun, creative process which helps you access your inner wisdom by creating beautiful cards from those images that tap into your imagination and intuition.

In the Introduction to SoulCollage® workshop, you will create personal cards that have special meaning just for you by gathering and piecing together images that speak to your soul. As you consult your cards and ask questions, you listen to answers hidden deep within your heart. Through this process of self-exploration amazing insights are revealed to you.

Come discover the world of SoulCollage® in a 2-hour workshop and find the wonder in your own creative intuition!


SoulCollage Workshop

Instructor: Debbi Kent

Day: Friday, April 26th

Time: 1pm-3pm

Call 508-362-2909 to sign up

FREE! This workshop is part of ArtWeek 2019

About ArtWeek: Presented by Highland Street Foundation and produced by the Boch Center, ArtWeek has become an annual award-winning innovative festival featuring hundreds of unique and creative experiences that are hands-on, interactive or offer behind-the-scenes access to artists or the creative process. Launched in 2013 and produced by the Boch Center as part of a strategy to strengthen its role in both the community and the creative economy beyond just its downtown historic theaters, ArtWeek’s growth has been explosive.