Camera Club By-Laws


The name of this organization shall be the Cape Cod Art Association Camera Club (CCAA Camera Club)

ARTICLE II – Purpose
The purpose of the not-for-profit Club shall be to educate, encourage, and expand the photographic knowledge and capabilities of its members by:

(a) furnishing a meeting place where its members may associate,
(b) making available equipment required for the conduct of its programs,
(c) presenting lectures, courses of study, and demonstration of techniques,
(d) providing for Club and member participation in exhibitions and contests, and
(e) sponsoring any activities which further the purpose of the Club.

ARTICLE III – Membership
Anyone interested in photography may become a member by the payment of dues to the Treasurer. All members may become CCAA members by paying appropriate dues. All CCAA members may join the CCAA Camera club by paying appropriate dues.

Members may be suspended or expelled by the Executive Board for non-payment of dues or for other good and sufficient reason. The Board shall have full discretion as to what constitutes “good and sufficient reason”, and the decision of the Board shall be final in instances of this case. Examples of what could constitute good and sufficient reason include, but are not limited to: obscene or threatening behavior and personal behavior that disrupts or interrupts meeting(s) to the detriment of other members’ participation and enjoyment.

The annual Dues for individual or other types of membership shall be determined by the Executive Board.

Dues shall be payable prior to the first Competition.


The By-Laws have been drafted by a steering committee and approved by the Board of Directors of CCAA.

Camera Club Board Members for 2014-2015

Zig Guzikowski, President E-mail:

Steve Susidko, Treasurer

Sue Simon, Membership

Knut Asper, Chair: Programs

Peter Barrows Co-Chair: Competitions

Don Fleet Chair: Outside exhibits and venues

Lee Hawkins Co-Chair: Competitions E-Mail

Frances McDermott Chair: Hospitality

Jim Pennypacker:  Club alt. rep. to NECCC, past president

Bob Singer: Club Representative to the NECCC

Alan Trugman: Past President

John Tunney: Past President serving as ex-officio