Susan Carey has lived on Cape Cod since 2008. She is a late life painter who should have trusted what she knew at the age of 10 and that was to become an artist. Always exploring ways to express herself creatively, she finally came full circle and ended up in front of an easel. After her children were grown, she began studying art seriously taking class at The Cape Cod Art Association and RISD as well as participating in several workshops in New England. She works in pastel and oil in the field and in the studio. Purchase viagra with mastercard on over the counter. Her heart is here on Cape Cod where she can nurture her long awaited passion.

Susan has received awards both locally and nationally for her work in pastel. She served on the board of the Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod for many years where she remains a member. She is also a member at Cape Cod Art Association and North River Art Society.


Artist Statement-

“ The rhythms of nature have always spoken to me. The gesture of a tree, the folds of a flower, the silky sudden movement in a distant field continue to yield to the light. I paint to become part of something greater than myself, something constant and powerful that cradles me in the moment and leads me to the greatest contentment I know”


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