Digital Art

Digital Art is an artistic work or practice that uses digital technology, as an essential part of the creative or presentation process. Whether creating on a computer using a program like Photoshop, or using a mobile device and a combination of apps, digital artists are using this new tool to explore their artistic vision. Digital media are also used by traditional artists as a part of their process. Artists use their tablet as a sketchbook, or to explore different directions in an image or ideas for future images. Photographers use a digital darkroom to bring their photos to life, often incorporating textures and other elements into their traditional photographs. Curious? Come check out a meeting, class, or workshop that speaks to your artistic process and experiment!


Meetings– The Digital Art group will meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7PM to discuss apps, demo software, individuals’ creative processes, issues, critique works and other topics of interest pertaining to the field of Digital Art. Topics may include: back-up plans, file sizes and resolution and printing of your work. This get together is open to the public and artists of all media are invited to attend.

*Upcoming Digital Art Meetings*

October 2 – Roberta Miller speaks about copyright ethics


Fall Digital Art Workshops:

Friday, October 12th: Creating Digital Art with the App Procreate – LECTURE w/ Catherine Caddigan

  • We will look at the various ways to enhance, alter, collage and draw with our existing imagery using the App Procreate, which is an excellent stand alone App, but works well in tandem with other Apps. The lecture will be conducted as a live tutorial interspersed with text slides, which you will be able to take home. Procreate is a very powerful standalone drawing App with over 200 brushes, but for our purposes, we will cover some of the more basic features.

Saturday, October 13th: Artistic Possibilities w/ Procreate: Creating Digitally on a Mobile Device Workshop w/ Catherine Caddigan

  • This workshop requires an iPad, we will be downloading Apps from the App Store. Bring a variety of imagery that you want to work with on your iPad.
    Procreate is a very powerful standalone drawing App with over 200 brushes, but for our purposes, one can create a work of art in just a few hours. We will start in a tutorial format, with live demonstration of some of the features of Procreate. There will be a slide presentation as well, and time for questions. Some of the techniques we will cover are layering, masking, color adjustment, importing imagery, painting, erasing and blending.


Classes & Workshops– Classes and workshops will be offered during every session throughout the year. Check here to see what is being offered. Classes and workshops will be offered for all types of devices: desktop computers, laptops, tablets, mobile devices (Apple & Android). Classes & Workshops

Classes, workshops, Brown Bag Lunches (free and open to public), outings and other events will be offered during the year. Exhibition space will be explored in other venues, but members of this group will be invited to enter CCAC’s member exhibits if they are juried artists, open juried exhibits and online exhibits, if they choose to.