How We Did It! A Panel Discussion-Karen Pinard, Moderator, Margaret McWethy, Michael Weymouth and Joyce Zavorskas

Session 3  1:30-2:30PM

“How We Did It ” Moderated by Karen M Pinard 

This panel features three artists, Margaret McWethy, Michael Weymouth, and Joyce Zavorskas,  who have been successful in the art world and the discussions will center on their indivisual journeys. 
Each of these artists  look forward to sharing with you their experiences and what it required to become recognized. 
Success has different meanings for each person and we will discuss how you can recognize it.

Karen Pinard Bio:

Karen Pinard has been involved with the art world thru Ikebana, landscape design, interior design, and since retiring to Cape Cod in 2005, the world of painting and printmaking. 
Although she works in several mediums, her preference is watermedia on paper. She teaches watercolor at CCAC and the Sandwich Arts Alliance. 
Her studio/gallery, Studio Off Main, is located in The  Red Barn in Osterville.


Margaret McWethy Bio:

Margaret McWethy, Impressionist painter, studied biology at Swarthmore College. “I am interested in how things work visually and my study of communicating the visual world into two dimensions is ongoing.  My science background helps every day.”  Primarily self-taught, colorist, Henry Hensche of the Cape School of Art and nationally known portrait artist, Cedric Egeli, have been influential.



 Michael Weymouth Bio:

Michael Weymouth attended art school in Boston. After art school, he was faced with the decision to become a full-time painter or a graphic designer. He chose the latter route, believing he would find time to paint along the way, a goal that became ever more elusive as the years went by, and especially after he started Weymouth Design, a firm that eventually grew to a 30-plus staff and with an office in San Francisco.Michael is now fully retired and pursuing his long-awaited career as a painter.



Joyce Zavorskas Bio:

Zavorskas earned a BFA at Syracuse University, and MFA in Painting/Printmaking at MassArt. In winter, Zavorskas paints studio abstract oils based on specific sites, taking time to reflect and experiment. The canvases feature layers of earth pigments imbedded with organic matter, to further engage the viewer with the wildness of nature. She also creates luminous oil-base monotypes, transferred from Plexiglas to paper once only with a manual etching press. Zavorskas offers monotype, etching and encaustic workshops in her Orleans printmaking studio.