Making Money As An Artist with Karen North Wells

Session 2     10:45-11:45AM
Karen will give you all her ideas of how she has made  an income selling her art including how to get prints, cards and tiles made. She has made a living entirely on her art since 1994 by selling originals, wholesaling prints, teaching and running her art gallery. Karen’s goal now is to motivate all artists no matter what age they begin.
Karen’s Bio
Karen North Wells, a Cape Cod artist, grew up in St.Petersburg, Florida, graduating with a BA degree from Florida State University while majoring in Art Education. Karen paints in all three mediums: watercolor, oil and acrylic. She considers herself an impressionistic painter, neither painting absolute realism, nor abstraction but somewhere in the middle. Concentrating on seascapes and landscapes, she also paints still lifes. She sells her art at her gallery, libraries, banks, gift shops and real estate offices and on the internet
She teaches at The Creative Art Center in Chatham, Orleans Council on Aging, and at her Underground Art Gallery in Brewster