Oil Painting with Joe Diggs

Session 4   2:45 – 3:45PM

Atelier 2 Oil Painting with Joe Diggs

I will be demonstrating  the action of under painting and the dialog I have with my work. My work hovers between action painting ,graffiti,and realism. I often use mixed media with photographic underpinnings and oppose them with swooping brushstrocks. In my forty plus years of painting I have developed my own visual language. In this time of art history it is important to create from a personal perspective






“I was born in Croix Chapeau, France to a military family that has supported my artistic and athletic desires.  After graduating from Southeastern Massachusetts University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art Painting with a need for a more international education, I gained employment as a Flight Attendant with US Airways. Recently I have completed a Masters of Fine Art Degree at Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

I paint from observation, but allow my art the freedom to be spontaneous, which spawns new work. Just as importantly, by allowing impromptu action, I omit the desire to control everything in the process. This grants me a voyeuristic space to operate. Being intensely in control without force, I react to chance intuitively, and reflect my findings to my audience. Being a voyeur and a medium wrapped into one.”