sallyeditMy paintings are experimental. They are images that I remember. I like to think about the feeling of it, rather than reproducing  it, as one might see in a photograph or in a drawing in detail. I let the great experiment go on until I think it’s there. The viewer can then travel in the imagination as I have.  My paintings have been in many National shows. There have been many awards.  My paintings have also been included in the publications,  North Light BooksSplash 13, and heading up the abstract section in Alternative Approaches.

I am a Master Artist Member of Cape Cod Art Association, Signature Member of New England Watercolor Society, Signature Member of Rhode Island Watercolor Watercolor Society, and Copley Artist of Copley Society of Art.   I attended the School Of The Worcester Art Museum and graduated with the award of “Most original Compositions.” I also completed an independent study at the Creative Art Center and attended the School of Practical Art in Boston.