“See Me” Online Digital Art Exhibit

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“See Me” Online Digital Art Exhibit

How do we see ourselves? Who are we really? This was an invitation to create an image in which we portray ourselves in our deepest visions. An introspective look at how others may see us or how we see ourselves. Do we feel that we are not seen? Do we want to be invisible or not to be seen? Also, a look at how we interpret our world. Not a self-portrait in the strictest sense. View the exhibit at www.PhotographyCenterOfCapeCod.org

A warm thank you to all who participated.

Guest Judge: Rebecca Bruyn

Digital art is an artistic work or practice that uses digital technology, as an essential part of the creative or presentation process. This includes the use of computers, mobile or portable handheld devices. Photography may or may not be included in this creative work of art.

Image Credit: “If You Only Knew” by Diane Richter