April 8-12 Mastering Mobile Artistry w/ Meri Walker

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w/ Meri Walker

April 8-12  Mastering Mobile Artistry  w/ Meri Walker



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Mastering Mobile Artistry

Instructor: Meri Aaron Walker

A 5 Day Residential Course: Monday, April 8 through 12, 2019

Time: Daily, 9:00am-4:30pm

Cost: Members $625 | Non-Members $750

To be held off-site at a location on Rt 6A in Yarmouthport- directions will be sent to you

This workshop is for intermediate level students

Unstrapping your big cameras and liberating yourself from hours at a desktop computer editing your digital images are big steps for serious photographers and digital artists. Many of your photographer and artist friends can and will laugh; some may do their best to discourage you.

Yet it’s entirely – and joyfully – possible to make professional quality photographs and beautiful multimedia artwork using only the high-end shooting, editing and painting tools available for your iPhone and iPad. You need to master the right apps. You need to create your own disciplined workflows that can yield superior quality prints from stacked apps. And you need to learn how to use your eyes all over again.

But Mobile Artistry is so doable. And so much fun!

Meri Walker, aka iPhoneArtGirl, has been a photographer, printmaker and teacher for 50+ years. Since early 2009, she has used only her iPhones and iPads to make and sell her award-winning images. Meri bought and tested 900+ image-making apps and she’s figured out for herself which are simply shiny toys and which are fully-capable, reliable digital image-making tools.

For five days in April, Meri and a small group of committed mobile photographers and artists will take a group learning journey through the best shooting, editing, painting and compositing apps available in 2019. You’ll make sure you know how to get the best shots out of Camera+, ProCamera, Blackie and Hipstamatic. And you will master powerful editing routines using iColorama, Procreate, Leonardo, Filterstorm, Stackables, SuperimposeX, LightBrush and other high-end apps that can ensure your finest inspirations will be fully realized in large prints. Best of all, working hands-on every day, you will learn some new ways to use your eyes while developing creative friendships that will strengthen your personal mobile artistry for years to come!

Participants will work together and also enjoy a 45-minute private conference with Meri during the week’s activities. Come prepared to play hard!

During the week we will provide fun activities such as dinners together, special outings, and group activities. More details will be coming as we get nearer to April.

Suggestions for places to stay near the studio: Best Western, Hyannis. Courtyard by Marriott, Hyannis. Cape Codder Resort and Spa, Hyannis.

Artist Bio:

For 50+ years, I have been a photographer and printmaker. In January, 2009, I put down my traditional camera gear and stepped away from digital image editing on a computer. Since then, I capture mobile images and process them into works of art using only my iPhones and iPads.

I make images daily. They are as different from one another as one day is from the next. The creative process of migrating freely between mobile photography and mobile multimedia works challenges and rewards me deeply. I have a lifetime of “traditional” skills to translate into this new medium and I look forward to doing so for the rest of my life.

With my iPhone/iPad always at hand, I seem to have taken up residence in a space where what I see outside me and what arises from within to meet what I see merge into a rich, daily conversation with the Creator. Titles emerge from the conversation, too, but the images themselves are my best attempt to share the beauty of the creative process with others.

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