July 27 Creative Post Processing w/ John Klingel

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w/ John Klingel

 July 27 Creative Post Processing  w/ John Klingel



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Creative Post Processing: Turning Photos Into Masterpieces

Instructor: John Klingel

Day: Saturday, July 27

Time: 9:00am-5:00pm

Price: Members $80 | Non-Members $100

Location: Off-site held in Eastham. Instructor will email you the address


Digital photography gives us an opportunity to take relatively normal photos and turn them in to masterpieces. In this workshop, we’ll go beyond normal post processing and look at creative post processing.

We’ll start by looking at post processing in general. We’ll first discuss corrections that might be needed to improve composition. The next goal will be to help you understand how to look at a photo to determine what needs to be done. One of the basic objectives is to determine where you want the viewer’s eye to go. So we’ll discuss how to direct the viewer’s eye. And as often there are distracting elements pulling the viewer’s eye where you don’t want it, we’ll discuss ways of removing elements or reducing their intensity.

Then we’ll review a number of tools that you can use in creative post processing and demo how these tools can be used to maximize a photograph’s potential. These tools will include Photoshop, Lightroom as well as, a number of plug-ins and pre-sets, including NIK, DxO Optics Pro, Topaz, On-One and others. You’ll be amazed at how much punch and “wow factor” you can add to your photographs. While most of the discussion will center on post processing color, the workshop will also cover B&W conversion and combining B&W with selective color.

This session is designed to stimulate your creativity and help you create photos that have that “wow” factor.


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