June 19-20 Photograph The Milky Way, Moon & More w/ John Tunney

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w/ John Tunney

 June 19-20 Photograph The Milky Way, Moon & More  w/ John Tunney



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Photograph The Milky Way, Moon & More

Instructor: John Tunney

Dates: June 19-20 (Wednesday & Thursday)

Cost: Members $265 | Non-Members $285

Location: Orleans based


Learn to photograph the Milky Way, moon and moonlit landscapes of the Outer and Lower Cape. The workshop begins early Wednesday evening at 5:30pm with introductions, a pizza supper and a class on shooting and processing night photos.  We’ll then head out to shoot sunset at a nearby beach and continue shooting through twilight and into the night for field instruction on photographing the Milky Way and Moon rise. Expect to be out until sometime between 11 and 12.

Thursday we’ll meet again at 5:30 to review pictures, address issues that came up during the shoot, and have supper out (dutch). We’ll head out for a twilight and then shoot the Milky Way and Moonrise, wrapping up around midnight.

By the end of the workshop you should be able to go out on your own and photograph the Moon and Milky Way. Classroom and field instruction will include:

How to focus in the dark
Settings for Milky Way and moon photography
How to find the moon and Milky Way
Using Photopills app to plan your shoot

What to bring:
DSLR or mirrorless equivalent
Wide angle lens – at least f4 (f2.8 or faster preferred)
Sturdy tripod
Remote shutter release
PhotoPills App (optional)
Computer loaded with Lightroom, Photoshop or equivalent software.

Pizza and salad are included for the first night. Students are responsible for other meals. For transportation, you can use your own car or car pool with others.

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