May 19-20 Learn Portrait Sculpture w/ Neil Grant

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May 19-20 Learn Portrait Sculpture w/ Neil Grant


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Learn Portrait Sculpture

Saturday, May 19 & Sunday, May 20

10:00AM – 4:30PM with lunch break

$225 Members/$255 Non-Members (includes $30 Material Fee for model fees and clay)

The ability to sculpt a realistic head in clay allows the artist to capture the essence or likeness of someone they admire or love in a three-dimensional form.

This class is for beginner and intermediate level students who want to learn how to create realistic portraits in clay.  Instructor Neil Grant teaches a step by step method that demystifies the process for sculpting a head.

Using a model and other materials as reference, students will learn how to look at a person, simplify what they are seeing and sculpt a realistic likeness.  At each stage of the process, Neil will explain the theory, give a demonstration of the technique, and then work one on one with each student as they create their sculpture.  The aim of the workshop is to give students a method they can take away with them and use to make portrait sculptures in the future.

*Stands and tools will be provided but students are welcome to bring their own preferred tools if they have them.




Artist Bio:

Neil Grant

Neil Grant is an English representational sculptor who makes fine art through a slightly different lens. An award-winning artist, he combines technical skill with storytelling and humor.

Neil lives in Cape Cod, Massachusetts where he sculpts out of his studio and teaches classes and workshops across the Cape.  An exhibit of his work, entitled ‘Escapees from a Small Black Book’ is showing at Cotuit Center for the Arts between February 17 and March 17, 2018.

“Sculpture is how I put my thoughts out into the world, and so I try to make sure that they are ideas worth sharing,” says Neil.  “All sculptures have an origin story, and mine normally begin with questions such as, ‘I wonder if anyone has ever attempted that in clay before?’ or ‘It’s probably not what you’d call classical sculpture, but I wonder if people would like it?’ I love sculpture and any other form of art that fuses skill, emotion, and if it can, a bit of humor. That’s what I aim for in my work.”

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