March 24 Making Masks w/ Barbara Braman


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Making Masks with Barbara Braman Workshop

Date: Saturday, March 24

Time: 9:30am – 1:30pm

Cost: $75 Member | $95 Non-Member

*This is an intermediate level class.  Some experience with creating mobile digital art, using any app, is necessary.

Workshop Description:
What is a mask? In digital art, a mask is a tool to let you do something to a part of the image but not the whole.

What sort of something?  Anything.  You can change the exposure in a dark area of the image.   You can smooth only the skin.  You can make part of the image black and white.  You can blur the background.

You can ADD things to an image.  You can add a texture to the background.  You can add an object.  You can REMOVE or REPLACE things from an image.

We are going to focus on making masks in two apps: iColorama and Procreate.  I will also show you a simple way to cut out objects from photos that is useful for composite images. Different apps work in different ways, and different masking techniques work better for certain types of jobs. After you are comfortable with basic masking, we will explore some more advanced masking techniques.



I have been making art my entire life, both for work and play. As a quilter, I received national recognition for my work and was published in Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine. Later, using watercolor and quilt designs, I created a book of family recipes. My commercial work included book illustration, cover design, game board design, and web graphics for Clemson University and local business. Recently, as a partner in a small arts studio, I specialized in custom party and wedding invitations, save-the-date announcements, programs, illustrated maps, logo design, business card and stationary design, brochure creation, and print media advertising. Using professional Epson printers, I produced large format images for commercial clients. In the evolution of my art and work experience, I have found true delight in the digital workflow. I love the seeming contradiction of using digital technology to create individually crafted works of art.



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