NEW! Budding Artists w/ Ellen Duarte

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w/ Ellen Duarte

NEW!  Budding Artists  w/ Ellen Duarte



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Budding Artists – Watercolor

Instructor: Ellen Duarte

Day: Wednesdays (5 weeks). Class begins April 3, 2019. NO CLASS 5/1/19

Time: 12:15pm-2:45pm

Cost: Members $92 | Non-Members $116

Spring is budding out all over! Many trees, bushes, and flowers will be coming to life, so join me in exploring some of our local plants and their emergence from the winter cold. We will study their shapes, forms, and colors as they grow and change. Follow natures transformation from cool, bland winter to warm, vibrant spring while honing your drawing and painting skills.

Materials List:

Sketch/drawing pad (9×12 or greater) white, spiral, or what you prefer
Drawing pencils of choice
Eraser (white plastic)
Tracing paper (if you have it)
White, hot press watercolor paper (140 lb or greater)
Watercolor paints- bring your usual palette*
Watercolor brushes (two size 4 or 6 pointed round)*
Paper towel
Cup or jar for water
masking tape
Foam board (a size larger than your sketch pad)

*If you are a beginner, or don’t have the proper brushes, or can’t get the materials listed in time, don’t panic. Bring what you can. I can fill in with enough to get you going.
Hot press watercolor paper is not typically available at chain art supply stores. Fine art stores sometimes sell it by the sheet. It is expensive, as paper goes, so I will have it available for $3 per quarter sheet (approx. 10x15in). Good sable brushes are best, but also expensive. I will have a few for borrowing and some new brushes (size 4) at $10 each, if you wish to purchase.

Artist Bio:

Ellen Duarte has been creating a Christmas card almost every year since taking up botanical illustration more than a decade ago, when she began her studies at Wellesley College Botanic Garden. She earned her Certificate of Botanical Illustration in 2015. Ellen grew up in Maine and raised her family on Cape Cod. She currently resides in Centerville and is still frequently visiting Maine. She and her husband enjoy three grown children and many grandchildren.

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