Susan Simon Camera Club & Juried Cape Cod Art Association Member

Artist’s Statement: 

When I arrived on Cape Cod in 1979, I quickly discovered that a part of me had been here always. That part of me that has always stretched itself against sea and sky relishes the natural tapestry surrounding me. Against it I measure my growth and my limits, and rediscover both awe and solitude.

Alone, walking pensively, I wonder what it is about this spit of land that creates so strong a spell. Why does each salt marsh suddenly seem a puzzle made for my unraveling? Will clouds ever look quite this spectacular again? And when did I first notice that flat, foggy days have a chill magic all their own?

Cape Cod seems to call forth creativity in periodic bursts among us all. Perhaps it is something in the salty air, for the light and wind also seem to pass their artistic brushes across the landscape, creating constantly new shapes, new images, new vistas. Every season, every storm, brings transformation.

For this retired middle school teacher, venturing out alone with my camera began as meditation and solace from the tumult of the classroom. The color, shadow, texture, and form of the natural landscape speak to me most clearly when my solitary exploring suddenly discovers expansive vistas or previously unnoticed minute details. Finding especially vibrant color or uniquely grainy surfaces makes me want to record my vision for others. Art, for me, has never been the object hung on the wall, but the magic that happens in the space between the object and the viewer, the insight unfurled when the photograph touches one’s emotions and experience.

My objective is always to create prints that match both what my eye actually saw and the sensation I experienced. Thus I do only that post processing in the computer necessary to overcome the limitations of my DSLR camera, and to convey the visual melody I heard.


What would the world be, once bereft Of wet and of wildness? Let them be left, O let them be left, wildness and wet; Long live the weeds and the wilderness yet. –Gerard Manly Hopkins


My pictures are the instrument by which I share my silent wonder in the world around me. My goal: transport viewers to that particular time and place, and awaken their eye, as mine has been. Photography for me is a journey into joy.

–Susan Simon

Biography: Susan Simon spent nearly forty years teaching middle school English and American history, most of it in Barnstable. She credits her middle school students (hormones with feet attached) with developing her sense of humor, skill at thinking on her feet, and her ability to refrain from taking herself too seriously. Susan also spent several years as a summer step-on guide for groups touring the Cape and islands and also worked at the Cahoon Museum of American Art. Now retired, she divides her time between substitute teaching at Barnstable High School, photography, and spending time with family, which now include both grandchildren and great grandchildren.

You can visit Sue’s website, HERE