What is Digital Art? And What is in it for the Studio Artist? with Barbara Braman

                                                                                     Session 2  10:45-11:45AM

We all have preconceived ideas about digital art.  We still get hung up on the “programmed” art of the 70s, where one types a series of commands into a big mainframe and it spits out a Christmas tree or another simple shape made of dot-matrix triangles and circles.  
Our relationship with computers has changed in the last 40 years, and so has digital art!
Welcome to a new world full of infinite possibilities, all easy to access and use!  We will explore some of the different avenues available in the digital art world, workflows that require only your imagination and a few apps to master.  We will focus on drawing and collage making on the iPhone and iPad in this talk, but it is equally applicable to those using android devices.
Barbara Braman is a digital artist based on Cape Cod. She now works exclusively on her iPad using her own photographs and drawings to create images that use color and form to express what she sees daily.  Her work can be seen at Nirvana Coffee in Barnstable and has been included in other local and national shows.   Barbara teaches classes and workshops at the Cape Cod Art Center and organizes their bi-monthly Cape Cod Digital Artists group.