Collage Hands-On Session with Marcia Ballou

Session 3   Hands On  1:30PM  continuing to Session 4 and ending at 3:45PM

Marcia will demonstrate the creation and start of a composition and the application of paper. This is a two-session hands on activity. All materials will be provided. Following the artist talk and brief demonstration. We will have a COLLAGE BAR.

She will provide all the materials to make a small vibrant collage. While we work we will continue the discussion about making art and exploring creativity. The collage bar can be open to every one.

Marcia’s Bio:

Marcia Ballou is an award winning Collage artist living on the South Shore of Massachusetts
“ I have practiced the techniques of collage for many years. My compositions are enlivened with unexpected combinations of materials and colors. Working with collage as my medium I use both deliberate and spontaneous appliqués of painted papers, cloth, acrylic paint and a selection of chalks, pastels and pens. My paintings start from a simple drawing. This drawing becomes a pattern that comes together and takes on a rhythm and the pieces fall together like a jigsaw puzzle from my imagination.