In Motion: Techniques for Creating Energy in Your Work with Janet Schwartz-Pastel

Session 3   1:30-2:30PM

Viewing the work of Janet Schwartz, it is easy to see that she is inspired by motion, energy and drama.  Her work focuses on urban and highway landscapes, often viewed through the lens of a windshield, blurring and distorting the sharp reality of the world outside

In this highly interactive and informal presentation, Janet will demonstrate some of these techniques and the process she uses to create that energy, using examples of her own work.


She paints rainy, blurry, realistic and impressionistic subjects and she is particularly drawn to the chaos and unexpected beauty of urban landscapes and traffic. Much of her work is done using reference photos, which she translates and manipulates using pastels, oils, and charcoal. She is consistently drawn to energetic and bold images, dramatic light, contrast and deep perspective.